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The LAND ROVER market is unique in that there is a large specialist secondary industry supplying parts. With our extensive history we've established a good network of Land-Rover.Parts and spares providers.

One of the inherent qualities of LAND ROVER's is they are simple yet robust and involve appropriate technologies ?they are very easily repaired. LAND ROVER is one of the few vehicle marques which can be kept on the road year after year with regular maintenance and periodic rebuilds.

It has been argued that LAND ROVERs can be viewed as relatively environmentally friendly vehicles (at least more so than other brands of 4x4). Because of the significant energy consumption and greenhouse emissions involved in building new vehicles, rebuilding LAND ROVERs to extend their useful life, replacing the worn parts which are readily available, saves a significant amount of energy. Therefore in its overall life, your LAND ROVER can consume far less energy than that several the generations of alterative vehicles which would be required to do the same work.

A large range of parts - in manufacturing or stock

We carry a large range of fast-move parts in stock so that for most orders we are able to supply immediately without waiting. We accept prepayment or internet banking and we offer prompt delivery by courier to your port or door.

If any item you required is not available in stock we can manufacture it based on the appropriate time/cost. Urgently needed items can be express-mailed in a matter of days and non-urgent parts can be imported by you using a cost effective freight service.

Guaranteed quality

Every part sold will be of a quality suitable to its purpose and price, meaning you can trust us to provide you good quality parts.

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